It works. And works fast!
  • HW/SW integration and offloads, including protocol offloads (CSUM, segmentation), zero-copy designs, traffic streams balancing (RSS): support, validation, profiling and optimization.
  • Implementation and adaptation of IPv6 stacks on multiple platforms.
  • BPF/eBPF-based network analyzers and performance enhancement systems implementation.
  • Network management for enterprise environments (CIM providers), multi-platform support (including Linux/Windows/ESX). Passing ESX CIMPAT certification.
  • Network drivers including DPDK PMD implementation, support and performance tuning for Linux/BSD/Solaris/ESX.
  • IOVP, NIC, SR-IOV, Vmware ESX certifications,
  • Upstreaming drivers to DPDK, FreeBSD, Linux Kernel and Illumos.
Network performance optimizations
  • Solutions that allow to get higher performance from existing equipment by moving certain processing into userland context
  • TCP/IP network stack performance/latency optimizations, including low level optimizations for x86/x86_64/Power 7/aarch64 architectures, tuning for multi-core and NUMA systems.
  • DPDK drivers development and optimization
  • OpenOnload: key developers.
Block subsystem
  • Environments: Linux kernel, SPDK
  • Understanding Linux internals (block i/o, scheduling, multithreading, synchronization, interrupts, memory management, filesystems, device drivers, virtio-block)
  • NVMe technology, including NVMe over TCP and NVMe over RDMA (RoCE)
  • Performance engineering (benchmarking, profiling, bottleneck research, latency optimizations)
  • Validation of storage solutions: Test suite development, passing UNH certification
  • Hands-on experience with CEPH solutions, development of HW/SW-accelerated clients
Validation and testing
  • Implementation of fully automated test systems
  • HW/Design validation on models including development of in-house HW-accurate C-based models integrating with QEMU for early prototyping
  • Synchronous and asynchronous models including creation of HW system models
  • Implementation of test results management systems for customer needs
  • Internal products used for testing and validation: distributed test SDK/Engine, used in most complex POSIX API test suite, DPDK, NVMeoF, OVS, Home gateways, Filesystems and other test suites.

How we can help
We develop various software based on your needs and provide consultancy services to help you with performance, interoperability and product validation.
  • Datacenter IO
    Development of network/block solutions for high performance datacenters.
  • Migration to SPDK/DPDK
    Replacement of network/block stacks in existing solutions by DPDK/SPDK based stack - leads to many-fold growth of performance and huge costs savings.
  • Optimization of existing solutions
    Optimization of existing networking applications w/o need to rewrite them using custom network stacks - leads to many-fold growth of performance and huge costs savings.
  • Implementation of automatic test systems
    Implementation of fully-automated test systems and results management systems capable of handling tens of millions of results.
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